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The Tablet For Toddlers, Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

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Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition A Whole New Experience For Kids

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition, viewing it online on the Amazon stores gears to make your kids happy.  Use of technology to pacify your kids or to have that alone time or free time is majorly done by most parents nowadays. Amazon creates a specific tablet which is for toddlers.

Technology As A Tool To Assist Parents

Nowadays when a toddler cries and scream, parents normally turn to technology for help. Furthermore, as we don’t like it to be there is a growing dependency on technology. Tablets and mobile phones are relied on to pacify one’s child or children.

Admit it or not when a baby or a toddler screams the fastest way to calm them down is watching something. By watching we get them a video online on our phones or tablets. The parent loads either a nursery rhyme or a favorite cartoon online.

Amazon Fire 7 For Kids And The Advantages

The tablet is currently available online via Amazon although not all countries are catered to. Amazon Fire 7 kids edition is typically a tablet for kids use. Uniquely functions are easy for both parent and child to navigate through. What does the tablet come with its advantages over other normal tablets?

This Amazon tablet for kids cost’s $100 US dollars. First of its feature as it is for kids the parent gets to customize what the child can see. A household can have many kids of different ages, in short, your older kids don’t get the baby stuff while the younger kids won’t get the scary stuff online.

Other features are a lightweight kid-proof case which is to perfectly fit into your toddler’s hands and grasps. Since this is for kids the audio and the video is that not great basically kids don’t see it as HD or not HD. What the kids react to is the familiarity of sound and sight so it should not be expected that this tablet would have the same feature an adult would want to have.

The tablet is just but with basic specs as it is built for a toddlers sake. The biggest advantage over some of its limitations is the 2-year warranty. The warranty covers tablet replacement no matter what the damage is no limit on how many times as long as it’s under the 2-year warranty.

Amazon is good at targeting a market need for this tablet. The release is also timely with the holiday season. It is likely that parents who see this online are willing to get the product.