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‘Firefox Quantum’ Catches Up With ‘Google Chrome’

Mozilla Firefox Launches New Browser Namely Quantum
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Mozilla Firefox users saw a decline in the past five years, which made us turn to Google Chrome. Mozilla is making a comeback with an upbeat new browser which is now available online for download. Currently, the company launches its new and better-than-their-competition version of their browser. Th upgrades are some of the things that we all have been looking for.

The Better, Faster, And Cooler Firefox

The new and upgraded Mozilla Firefox Quantum boasts of being 2x faster than what the old version was capable of doing. For any upgrade that we know of in the digital world, all come with a new User Interface. The new interface is called Photon; Photon has the inization of giving its users fast browsing experiences. On top of that is a sharp, high-resolution display.

A part of the upgrade also includes the integration of Pocket (a read-it-later application that manages a list of articles to browse and read on the internet). It then provides the user recommendations for similar stories alongside your much-visited pages. It will also use Google as its default search engine, but only in US and Canada.

Along with its recent up to date multiple core processor CSS called Stylo, and its crowd-sourced initiative Photon. Firefox Quantum offers people that fast and neat browsing experience. Multiple pages and browsers of quantum do not show any lag in the performance.

Downloading And Switching To Firefox Quantum

“This is just the beginning,” David Bryant states (who is also the first person to reveal about the Project Quantum) David and the team are continuing to create features to advance the Firefox Quantum’s performance. It can be said that this can now rival Google’s browser.

The new update and upgrades from Mozilla are still to be tried and tested for us to say that it could surpass Chromes functionalities.The Firefox Quantum is currently available in MAC, Linux, and Windows. And its application for iOS and Android.